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Hire people to assist you with media content creation, and we'll handle their sleeping arrangements, transportation, pre-gig payments, and more.

we reshape how you consume and produce media to the new digital space

Founder ian musa

Shaping the future of Hiring in Media

For the first time, a central data portal, for mass hire logistics, track hirees location, pay their transport & Accomodation. manage pre gig payments & see data of past content collaborators.

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A true unique community, where users can express unconditional love, and unity, regardless of tribe color, origin and country, were impacting society, the entertainment industry & changing the world by giving hope to all the creatives who go through psychological trauma, sexual abuse, stigmatization & financial abuse.

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We aid in the evolution of the entertainment industry because of our commitment to creating an interconnected home for media & entertainment professionals worldwide.

Enhancing values through global partnerships in the advancement of UN sustainable development Goals

Business Founder Ian Musa

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